Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Striping Tape Mania....and a Beautiful Bargain!

Hello friendships, hope you're all doing well, smacking mama's and such. I am doing great, especially after the little polish gem I found a few days ago....don't fret, you're getting in on the action right now!!

The 2 mani's I'm going to share started with one little polish that cost me a whopping dollar! I fell in love with the baby from the second I saw it sitting in Kmart all alone, just waiting to be taken home and loved.

Violence in a bottle!

It's so gorgeous, I just want to slap a newborn! This, my friends, is Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See.... possibly the best bright blue polish I own....did I mention this cost as much as a Mcdonald's Double Cheeseburger? 

The color is divine, I suddenly have the urge to pack up my super uncool tankini and head to the Caribbean! But....the formula is also perfect! Opaque in 2 coats, no streaking, no patchiness, just smooth buttery goodness!

This little lady is limited edition so get your pants on and get rollin. The Wet n Wild Pop Art Collection won't be around can bet the farm I'm stock piling this beauty!

This little vixen inspired 2 fun manicures....

It's been awhile since I've done a kitchen sink mani...everything but the kitchen sink...and I certainly satisfied my urge with this design!

My index and middle finger are just 2 different designs I made while playing around with the striping tape. Both had the pleasure of wearing Teal Slowly and See...on my index finger I started with a base of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and on my middle finger the base was Essie Blanc. My ring finger is a gradient of TSAS and Mint Sorbet. I topped it off with INM Northern Lights, a really pretty and subtle glitter topper. 

My pinky finger is one of my favorite silver glitters, OPI Crown Me Already, a beautiful micro glitter with larger glittery pieces throughout. The formula is awesome, 2 coats and she's totes opaque...and oh so mama slappin shimmery! 

Everything got a good smearing of Seche Vite and I was on to the next.

The next little number is another fun one....

Yep there's that blue beauty again!! And I had to add a little sass to it, you know me! Although this polish is so gorgeous, I'm just fine with wearing it alone!

On my middle finger, I layered on 2 coats of China Glaze Some Like It Haute, a beautiful black based glitter polish with silver flecks scattered all about.  I forgot how gorgeous this glad I dusted her off and gave her some work! My ring finger is what I refer to as a "dry marble". It's extremely easy to do...simply put on your base color...a bit thicker than you normally would (black in this case) then immediately put droplets of another color (Teal Slowly) on your nail and swirl with a toothpick. It really is a simple design to do, the main part is getting the droplets blended while your base color is still nice and wet.

This is one of those designs that even if you mess up a bit, it still looks super cool....the dry marble is so forgiving!!

I've definitely found my polish obsession of the month! I could wear this polish everyday and be perfectly content (at least for a week or two, come on...this nail whore can only take so much)!!

What is your most recent polish obsession? When is the last time you had to slap someone over a gorgeous polish....think carefully, don't disappoint me...

Happy Polishing my loves!!

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  1. I picked up this little pretty and it is honestly one of the prettiest blues I own. I thought In the Cabana was my fav until this. Love both Mani's!!!