Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kitchen Sink Saturdays....literally??

Hi love muffins, I'm kind of excited tonight and I'll tell you momma stopped by with bagfuls and bagfuls of makeup and fun stuff for her one and only child!  (Pics on Instagram, of course).  I have so many goodies to play with this weekend, I'm quite excited!  After all the mama slapping I have done to that poor woman, this is how I'm rewarded!  I knew secretly she enjoyed it!

So today we are talking kitchen sink mani's.  I posted a while ago and let you guys know that a few of us were doing "Kitchen Sink Saturdays" which is basically posting your mish mash, little bit of everything mani to Twitter, Instagram, your blog, wherever you choose!

For those of you not aware, a kitchen sink mani is a manicure that includes everything "but the kitchen sink".  It's a glitter nail and a polka dot nail, or a pink nail and a blue and a purple, gradients....yeah you guys get the picture.  So be sure to use the hashtag #kitchensinksaturday and get those mani's posted! And be sure to check out my homies AmandaInky and Wes who will also be joining in.

Here's a cheeky little picture I took to introduce everyone to Kitchen Sink Saturday....with what else....the kitchen sink!

I know I'm looking a little "orangey" in these pics, but I had to use weird lighting to try to get the purple to show up correctly, and I repeat, try!  No I didn't go Jersey Shore on everyone!

I used Sation Miss Emo Shun All for my base color.  She is such a gorgeous purple that dries to a matte rubbery finish but comes alive with topcoat. This picture has been filtered to show the true color of the polish--she was a real bitch to photograph, I tell ya!

Holy shit, from orange to vampire white, you're killin it tonight Nicole!  It's not my fault though, I'm blaming this whore of a polish.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

I used Milani Silver Stilettos for my silver accents.  The glitter gradient on my middle finger was done with China Glaze Polarized.  I must admit I threw this together at the last minute realizing I had nothing prepared for KSS.  I am quite happy with how the bitch turned out!

Here's another kitchen sink mani I posted on Instagram the other day.  She's so cute I just couldn't leave her out. So you guys get double KSS today...I'm feeling quite generous, take it while you can get it!

I must admit I slapped the taste out of my momma's mouth over this one, I was quite happy with how she turned out!  I used a crap load of polishes so I will just list them for you one by one.  Otherwise I will talk forever, you guys know how I get, slappin mama's and shit.

Pinky-Nicole by OPI If the Blue Fits
Ring-Essie Sugar Daddy, Polished by KPT Ella Bleu, Northern Lights
Middle-Essie Bikini So Teeny, NOPI If the Blue Fits, INM Northern Lights
Index-Selena Gomez for NOPI-Naturally, Essie Bikini So Teeny, NOPI If the Blue Fits

So there you have it kids!  Make sure to post your kitchen sink lovelies on Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, the billboard at the local gas station....hashtag #kitchensinksaturday.

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel, YoungWildandPolished!! 2 new video's coming tomorrow!! 

Happy Polishing loves!!


  1. You are so good at doing nails! They look great =)

    Corinne x

  2. LOOOOVE! You're the perfect example. Maybe I'll finally get to doing my nails now haha

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