Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm a Macro Loving Girl!!!

So my hubby surprised me with a macro lens for my iPhone. For those of you not down with the "mac", allow me to explain...a macro shot is extremely close up used mainly to take pictures of glitter polishes to highlight every individual piece of glittery goodness! The lens he got me is from Amazon, was very inexpensive and gets the job done quite well! If you do a search on google or Amazon you will find what you need.

So of course I have to share some macro shots with you guys!! Since I'm blogging from my phone I have to list the pics at the very end so I will list the polishes for you right before the photos.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel guys for lots of fun tutorial. 2 new tutes coming up this week!

One other question--since these shots are so super close up and make the polish look even more gorgeous....does that mean I get to slap my mammy twice as hard as usual? I certainly think it does!!

Lacquerlicious-Ocean Treasure
KB Shimmer- Shipwreck
KB Shimmer- Band Geek

Happy Polishing Lovebugs!!

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