Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Lime Crime Splatter for my people's.

Hi loves, how is everyone? I'm cold and crabby and missing summer. I also hate my stupid laptop. I am so tired of blogging from my phone! I may just go buy a new laptop tonight! Yes, yes I will!

Unfortunately I have to list all the pictures at the end of the post because Blogger sucks majorly at life. But that's ok. I only have one thing to share today so shouldn't be too painful!

I did this little mani the other day after seeing another blogger post on the Lime Crime polishes. If you aren't familiar with this brand, you need to get acquainted!!! They are drop dead gorgeous and I can't get enough! I purchased the Desserts D' Antoinette set over the summer and I love every single one of them! Pastel Neons, yes I think so!!

For this mani, I used all Lime Crimes. The base on my middle and ring finger is Milky Way. My index and pinky fingers are done with Lavendairy. The splatter is Lavendairy and Pastelchio. My thumb, yep ya guessed it--Pastelchio. Everything ended with a nice glossy coat of Seche Vite.

These are definitely my top 3 out of the entire set. I wish I had a picture to show you. But I'm at work (yes I am blogging at work) and the set is on my laptop at home.

One quick note--I am thinking of doing some video tutorials, maybe getting my own YouTube channel. Is that something you guys would like to see? Please give me your honest feedback! I've been wanting to do it for a while but I must admit, I am pretty nervous. I don't know if my skin is thick enough for the harsh criticism I have seen others endure!

Enjoy this beauty! I was so thrilled with this mani! Forget smacking a mama-I just beat the shit out of myself!!

Hopefully my next post will be from a gorgeous new laptop!!

Happy Polishing!


  1. Me likey! Yes, u should go YouTube! If anybody gets lippy, sic Dot on them. That'll teach'em how rude is really done. lol

  2. loooooove it! I so wish I had your skills...kinda makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry that I can't do fun nail art. bwahhaha

    I totally think you should! yes, there are rude people but f*** em! there just jealous!

  3. cute!!! Love the color combos and design. They look awesome and extraordinary. Great job on this one.

  4. Yes, I would love to see some video tutorials.

  5. Really pretty... I need these Lime Crime polishes in my life!

  6. Love this!! I'd be afraid to splatter with mine, cause I wouldn't want to waste any :P