Friday, December 14, 2012

Neon and Striping Tape?? Yes Please!!

So I suck at life and have to blog from my phone. My computer has finally crapped out on me. Since the blogger app for iPhone also sucks at life all my pics will be at the end of this post smashed together like a hot ass mess. Sorry folks-I'm grasping at straws here!

If anyone knows how I can add pics to the middle of my post with this stupid blogger app feel free to let me know. I'm not tech savvy so bear with me kids.

I was going to do a tutorial but that will have to wait.

I did this cute mani last night. I know it's almost Christmas but I am seriously missing summer so this is my "I hate you winter and I'm never putting my neons away mani".

I used China Glaze Pink Voltage and Sun-Kissed, 2 awesomely perfect neons!! On top I used my old faithful Layla Ceramic Effect Pure Black.

Hope you guys like it!! Smack a few mamas for me!!

Happy Polishing!


  1. I really like this... but you already knew that :)

  2. I'll take you anyway I can get you, dahling! The nails are FAB & so are YOU! <3