Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CND Effects Sapphire Sparkle

Well, well well, look who is doing a post that doesn't have anything to do with a challenge.  Finally I have found time to do a regular post!  Hope you guys aren't too upset with me, the 30 day challenge has been kicking my donkey booty all over the place. 

The polish that I am showing you today is one that I received in a swap with my friend Sarah of Lacquerlicious Love.  Make sure you check her out, her blog is great and she is such a sweet girl!  I am very happy I got to do my first official swap with her!  CND (Creative Nail Design) Effects Sapphire Sparkle is a topper polish.  I'm sure there is a perfectly proper name for them but I like to call them toppers.  I received this and another similiar one that will be an upcoming blog post.  :)  I looked them both up online because I had honestly never seen this brand before other than on other people's blogs.  The Sapphire Sparkle received the better review so that is the one I chose to do first.  Have a looksie....


I wish you could see the color shift better, it was hard to capture :(
All pictures are 2 coats of CND layered over 2 coats of what else?  Milani High Speed Fast Dry Black Swift.  I think I have called this polish a different name in previous posts.  So sorry if I have, Black Swift is her name and gorgeous glossy polish is her game.  Wow that is cheesy, even for me.  This topper is so pretty layered over darker colors, especially black.  It is a duochrome, changing from purple to turquoise, to blue and even a little pink.  The thing I really like is that it looks just as good in the shade or indoors as it does outside in the sunshine. Some polishes require sunlight to get the full effect, I actually think I like this one better indoors than out.  But really, it doesn't matter where you are, it's gorgeous!  Here are a few outside pics just so you can see both....

Sapphire Sparkle is from CND's Colour & Effects Line.  If you are a fan of toppers, this is a great one to own.  It's very pretty and the shifting of the colors is really quite strong.  I like a strong topper.  If I'm taking the time to layer that sucker over black I wanna see her shake what her mama gave her!  This baby definitely like to dance!
I'm excited to see how this looks over other polishes.  I post a lot of my mani's that don't make it onto here on Instagram, for anyone interested.  Same name as the blog, Young Wild and Polished.  If I do a few mani's in one day and know they all won't make it onto here, I will throw them up on IG, so look me up pretty ladies!  (and polish loving boys, I don't discriminate!)
Happy Polishing everyone!!