Monday, September 3, 2012

30 Day Challenge--Day 3 Yellow (Why Do You Hate Me So Much?)

Before last night I thought yellow nails were fine, lovely, I won't have a problem with yellow nails. Well me and yellow have broken up and I am moving all of my things out of the house.  I worked on this God forsaken mani for 3 hours.  I now know why I have 20 yellow polishes and only use 2 of them.  This was by far the mani that very well could have sent me over the edge.  But I stayed strong, I held my ground and I hope you guys like what I came up with, have a peeky poo....

Apologies for the dark fingers and phone pics, my camera is officially dead :(

The water marble was done in 5 minutes, but figuring out what to do with the other 2 fingers was what got my goose.  I tried a gradient (epic bumpy fail), I tried a tape mani (hello crooked lines) and finally I decided on dots.  Dots and I get along no matter what the occasion.  

I used Maybelline Express Finish in Sunshine Sunshine.  This nasty girl was spreading no sunshine last night, in fact, I think she actually laughed at me 2 1/2 hours in as the sweat poured and I held her inches from my face begging her to cooperate.  The purple is Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac.  If you haven't figured it out by now, the formula on Ms. Sunshine was awful, she pulled, she dragged, she fought me tooth and nail but I won didn't I sunshine? *sticks tongue out* 

What do you guys think?  Was it worth the battle? 

One last is a pic of my inspiration piece with the Queen herself resting comfortably after her rough night last night.  I originally was going to do different color dots just like my background paper but we'll save that for another day....

Happy Polishing!

Untried Used-Maybelline EF Sunshine

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  1. I wish I could do nail art that good! Excellent job.

  2. Gorgeous! Wish I could do water marble as good as you! Love the combo of the water marble and the dots. perfect!

  3. The love, the love, thank you so much!!! This mani fought me so hard, it's so nice to hear that you all like it!! Debbie-I'm still getting over the fact that you think something I did is good, I am such a fan of yours!! Marnie-you can you can, practice makes perfect and I'm still practicing right there w you! Laura-You are too sweet! Thank you again!!

  4. Water marble done in 5 mins! *bows to you* And this is so pretty! You came out on top of that bugger, you did! You go, girl!!

  5. Haha your commentary made me laugh! I wish I could do a water marble like that. I like the combo of the water marble and the polka dots!

  6. Very cute!

  7. Your writing on this post made me laugh so hard. I can completely relate! Yellow polishes tend to suck. Great finish though - gorgeous colour combo! Xx