Monday, September 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 11--DOTS!!!

Ok, now you all know that Dot loves dots and I was so excited for this challenge day....well wouldn't you know it?  As soon as I put that dotter in my hand, I drew a big stinkin blank.  I was putting so much pressure on myself to do something amazing and off the wall that I got myself overwhelmed.  I swear nail blogging is a high stress kind of job!  FBI bomb squads? Brain surgeons? Pssshhhh, they ain't got nothin on nail bloggers!  But I pulled through.  Just as I was fading and starting to go toward the white light, I got my act together and threw down some dots that I hope you will be happy with.

I wanted to do something I had never done before...and this certainly is something new for me.  I really like the look of this.  It's fun but still classy.  My untried was Butter London Victoriana, one of my BOGO purchases just today from Ulta.  It really is so pretty!  Formula was good, it went on very opaque.  The above pictures are one coat, yes only one!  I love me some Butter London.  Ulta was like a madhouse earlier.  Women were crowded around the BL display as if they were giving away free samples at Costco on a Saturday afternoon.  I managed to throw some elbows and grab a few polishes. One lady had 10 polishes in her bag.  I swear she was just buying for the sake of buying.  Gotta love her dedication.  I think I even saw her out of the corner of my eye put a women with a walker in a choke hold.  (I could be exaggerating but you'll never know now will you?)  

The dots were done with No Place Like Chrome  from Essie's Chrome Collection.  You guys already know I am in love with this line, and this beauty worked just great for my dots.  

Did Dot pass the dot test?  I hope I made you all proud!!

Happy Polishing!

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  1. The question is: are YOU happy with it? IMO it looks fantastic, and with a more color-safe base would be very wearable at work. Love that :)

  2. We've all had that feeling when trying to amaze our readers with our skills- lol! But one thing I am learning over and over is sometime you just have to keep it simple. This is a really pretty design :)

  3. I love this! I need Victoriana. It's gorgeous! I'm jealous - I missed the Ulta sale :(

    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

  4. You ladies are right! Sometimes the simplest designs look the best. I'm learning that. Thank u all for ur comments and Polish Squirrel-thank u!! I have 4 noms! I'm so flattered. I have to get on the questions tonight! Thanks again!