Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nicole My Lifesaver and Zoya Shelby

I know I said I was going to show you guys the new China Glaze Boho Collection but my swatches the other night were not the greatest so I'm going to try again today in the sunshine. (My photography skills are quite suspect, if I do say so myself).  So today I have a fun little mani to show you all.  I was shopping yesterday and picked up a few new colors so I thought I'd try one of them out. Here's a look at the newest additions....

I'll list my purchases at the end of this post

So for this one I decided to try Nicole My Lifesaver and I threw in a little Zoya Shelby  just for kicks and giggles. I mean, c'mon, when is Zoya Shelby not welcome at the party?  

My cuticles have seen better days, I know but I'm working on it. I'm using my Burt's Bees Lemon Butter like its going out of style. If anyone has a magic trick, please share with me! 

Yesterday in my travels, I picked up some new background papers to use in my photo's. You can see the one here in this last pic. Isn't it just so sweet?

Enjoy your weekend kids.....I'm settling in for some swatching, my cuticles should love me for this one!

Polishes shown above (In Order)

Orly Preamp
OPI Do you Lilac It
Essie Miss Fancy Pants
Essie Chubby Cheeks
Pixi Luminous Lilac
Butte London The Black Knight
Nicole 2 pack- Hint of Mint
                     My Lifesaver


  1. LOVE this colour combo! So bright and playful! Did you freehand those dots? They look so perfect! Great mani =D xx

    1. You are so kind, thank u so much. Yes I did them free hand. No matter how much nail art I do I always come back to dots. They're just fun right?