Friday, August 10, 2012

More Flowers...I Promise This is it!!

I know, you're thinking, "more flowers? What is up with this girl?"  My amazing husband came home last night with a few of the new Wet and Wild Saved By the Bell Collection polishes. It was pretty late in the night and I didn't want to spend a lot of time on nail art, but I didn't want to do just plain old nails. (What fun is that?)

Isn't this teal just gorgeous?

Sorry for the tip wear, this girl works hard for the money.

This pretty teal color is called, very appropriately Chick Magnet Zack. I used to love me some Zack Morris! He was my crush along with Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB.  He was soooo hot, ooh baby...but back to the topic at hand. This color is really pretty, very vibrant and easily a one coater. I used 2 as I always do. It was a little thick but it is such a pretty color, it didn't really bother me.  The center dots are done with Wet n Wild Straight A Jessie. This also is a really pretty and fun color. A traditional traffic cone-need my sunglasses-neon orange! 

Here's a pic of the new turtle ring my kids got for me, isn't it adorable?

Goes perfectly with my nails!

   Check out my flower tutorial if you need help creating these little sweeties.

All in all the Wet n Wild Saved by the Bell Collection is everything I thought it would be.They are bright, super fun summer neons.  Now I don't have the full collection,( I am missing the purple and pink) but what I do have I love. Swatches and nail art will be coming very soon, hint hint. They are sooo hard to find in my area of PA but I am not giving up!! I will leave no rock unturned. :)

If you see these new WnW polishes in your area, pick them up!! They are limited edition. They are very inexpensive and good quality for the price! Not to mention, the colors are pretty awesome. Here's a quick little pic I took at my nail table last night of my newest additions to the family.

Not the greatest pic but you can at least get an idea of the colors. The green is awesome!!

I'm very excited for you guys to see my post tomorrow. It is going to be really fun and NOT flowers! Be sure to check it out!

Happy Polishing friends!!


  1. I love how these are so simple to do, yet look so professional! (and haha, sorry for spamming you with my loads of comments)

  2. Aw I just saw this comment...I love your spamming!! Please don't stop!!