Monday, August 6, 2012

China Glaze Bohemian Collection

Hi lovelies, hope everyone started the week off well. I overslept and did my makeup in the car on my way to work. Not how I wanted to start my week. But I survived.

So I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this Bohemian Collection.  I didn't love it when I first saw it and I still don't know if I love it. But after swatching all of the colors, I am a lot happier than I was. A few of the colors are very nice on. Definitely colors I will wear this fall! There are 6 colors in the collection. I purchased 5 of the 6, leaving Rare and Radiant behind. I have Chanel Peridot and  OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, so I certainly didn't need another goldy green duochrome. If you have either of these, you won't need to purchase Rare and Radiant, IMO.

Let's start the show with my least favorite. This is Swanky Silk.

This a peachy gold color, the peach didn't show too well in my pics, but it is there, more so in the shade or indoors.  These were all taken in full sun. This color is very sheer but it does build up nicely.  The brush on this one was absolutely awful.  Look at this hot mess.

No joke, this is what those mofo's gave me. A wonky disaster.  The formula on this one was good as they all were. Not an ounce of duochrome to be found. What a bummer.

Next up is Unpredictable, a blue green leaning towards the green side. It did have a little bit of gold duochrome but not enough to get me excited. This was not a favorite of mine. Formula was fine and this is 2 coats. 

This was the one that I really didn't like in the bottle but on it was ok, a little "brush strokey" for my liking, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Photos are 2 coats. 

No Plain Jane is a very pretty purple duochrome. This was soooo pretty on, especially in the sunlight. I only did 2 coats for this but it probably would have been even prettier with 3. Great formula, much more opaque than I thought it was going to be.

Next up is Deviantly Daring, a very pretty teal. I feel like I have 5 of these in my collection. It's pretty but sadly, nothing special. The duochrome is non-existent, although the formula was great. This is 2 coats.

Last but most certainly not least we have Want My Bawdy, a gorgeous opaque blue with a tiny bit of purple duochrome.  I LOVE this polish. It sparkled in the sunshine like nobody's business. Pictures are again 2 coats. Formula on this lovely lady was perfect. I put this on my toes as soon as I realized how gorgeous it was. I will NOT torture your eyes with those pics though. Hehe. 

Could you die? Isn't she pretty? She was so lovely that I felt I had to dress her up a little, lol I couldn't resist.

All in all, I thought this collection was very pretty and the formula is great on all of the polishes. I know people wanted more duochrome, which I did too but these pretties are definitely worth checking out, especially Want My Bawdy.

Opinions people!! Let me know what you think of the Boho Collection. Will you purchase any of them?  

Happy Polishing!!!


  1. I hate being a negative Nellie, but this whole collection has been the biggest polish disappointment of 2012 for me so far. I absolutely adore China Glaze and I was psyched when I saw the promo pics. Once the swatches starting popping up online, I knew I wouldn't be getting any of them. I guess that's good news for my wallet. Now, if the CC holos aren't amazeballs, I will probably have a coronary.

  2. Definitely not what I was expecting either. I can't wait for the CC's!! I'll b right beside u w the coronary! We can share a hosp room. :)